General Presentation

The Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM) concentrates basic research for studying transduction, integration and disorders of sensory and motor systems. The INM houses several teams working on vision, hearing, somatosensory wiring, and myelination. Molecular to systems level investigations are carried-out through core technical facilities at the INM. Our outputs favor the development of new treatments for sensory and motor deficits, with the strong interest on inherited retinal and optic blindness, auditory neuropathies (deafness and tinnitus), neurodegenerative diseases (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, giant axonal neuropathy), sensitivity disorders (touch and pain) and glial pathologies (gliomas and Charcot Marie Tooth disease).

The project is based on five 5 labelled-Inserm teams (C. Hamel, J.L. Puel, P. Carroll, H. Duffau and Cédric Raoul).In addition, the INM houses 2 Atip/Avenir groups (Nicolas Tricaud -ERC awarded- and Pascale Bomont).

 The research teams are organized around technical facilities (core facilities) dedicated to functional (animal care, RAM network), histological (RHEM), and cell imaging. (Rio-Imaging-IBiSA). We actively participated in the creation of the BioNanoNMRI platform (small animal-dedicated fMRI: Agilent-Varian 9.4T).