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We are looking for scientists with strong potential who are willing to lead an independent team in the sensory-motor and related fields. Young scientists will be encouraged to apply for permanent position in French research institutions (Inserm, Cnrs) as Avenir-Atip teams.


The Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM) comprises a staff of 200 personnel working on sensory and motor deficits. Research is devoted to gene discovery and function, development, neurotransmission and molecular mechanisms of sensory motor disorders. The INM houses teams working on vision, hearing, somatosensory system, myelination, motoneuron disorders, neural circuits and plasticity. Team competences cover expertise in genetic, molecular and cellular biology, electrophysiology, computational neurosciences and pre-clinical and clinical researches

The Institute harbors numerous technical platforms to carry-out molecular to systems level investigations, including fast confocal and multiphoton multicolor microscope for live animal imaging, correlative 3D-electron microscopy and sensory-motor behavioral analysis. Translational research is supported through many interactions between the INM and the clinical departments of the nearby University Neuroscience hospitals.




Please send your applications (CV and one page of research project) to:


   Download >> Call for Team Leader Proposal in Montpellier