4. Clinical and genetic aspects of neuroinflammation

Our vision is to direct a translational research integrating a clinical research, at the ALS center of Gui-de-Chauliac and genetic insights, at the genetic department of the Nîmes hospital.

Motoneuron 4

Clinical prospective studies with molecular diagnosis, association studies of single nucleotide polymorphisms as well as the forthcoming introduction of Next Generation Sequencing to conduct large-scale genetic studies provide us the means to evaluate the human relevance of our fundamental research.


Major publications

Camu W. et al., Neurobiol Aging, 35: 1198-205, 2014
Corcia P. et al., Neurology, 78: 1519-1526, 2012
Benajiba L. et al., Ann Neurol, 65: 470-473, 2009
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  • Guy Rouleau (MNI, Montreal, Canada)
  • Paul Cox (Institute for Ethnomedicine, Jackson, USA)
  • Estelle Masseret (UMR5119, Montpellier, France)
  • Pierre-Marie Preux (UMR1094, Limoges, France)


William Camu