kids summer school in Genopolys 2018 PETIT

17 kids from 8 to 11 will participate to a 3-day course on 2 topics : germs and insects. To explore the germ topic, the childrens will do a several day scientific experiment to discover what a germ is, in which conditions it grows, the existance of good and bad germs and, with observations on the INM scanning electron microscope, what forms it has. For the insect topic, the kids will search little bugs in their natural location, then learn to recognize the insects amoung them, what roles they have, which ones are protected and why, and will try entomophagy.

At the end of the course, during a snack with their parents, each children will present an insect he/she will have constructed, imaginary or not, and explain its role. They will all leave with their insect, their laboratory book and a participation certificate.

In parallel, 4 adolescents from 12 to 15 will work on a common project of creation of a scientific stop motion film they will also present at the end of the course.
The organisers are personnel from Genopolys and research laboratories, including Marie Péquignot (INM/Genopolys) and Chantal Cazevieille (INM), and members of Medios association