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The Association l'Arbre des Connaissance has been founded by researches to promote dialogue between science producers and the society.

The programm Researcher Apprentices is coordonated for INM by Genopolys. It allows to welcome in research laboratories, during one school year, junior high school and college students, supervised by research agents (researchers, PhD students, Post-docs, engineers). One wenesday afternoon a month, the youngs perform a scientific project on the laboratory subject. June 12 at 5:30 pm, the Researcher Apprentice Congress will stand in Genopolys. The students will present their work in front of a large public composed of their family, friends, teachers and members of their research team. They will receive a Certificate of Initiation to Research. This work can be used for their school studies, for example it can be presented for the oral session of the junior high school exam

In INM, 5 twosomes are welcomed this year: 3 in team Vision, supervised by Philippe Brabet, Gaël Manès and Guillaume Olivier, and Emmanuelle Sarzi, 1 in team Hearing, suervised by Jing Wand and Corentin Affortit, and 1 in team Somesthesia, supervised by Stéphanie Ventéo and Alexandre Derré. For the PhD students, being part of this supervision allows validation of hours of formation for the PhD. A training course for the supervision of the Researcher Apprentices has been proposed by the Genopolys personnel (Magali Kitzmann, researcher, responsible for the Scientific Culture of Genopolys, and Marie Péquignot, INM researcher and scientific mediator in Genopolys) for all tutors.

If you are interestd by this program, do not hesitate to ask !

Péquignot Marie

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