General Informations

Contract : Fixed-term contract, Project Engineer

Duration : 12 months (renewable)

Beginning : 03/05/2021

Laboratory : Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier



To generate and use iPSC-derived retinal organoids to study the pathophysiology and develop innovative therapies for hereditary retinal dystrophies.


Main activities

  • Conduct cell culture experiments (iPSC culture, differentiation into retinal organoids)
  • Conduct cell biology experiments (cryosections, immunofluorescence, immunoblot)
  • Conduct molecular biology experiments (RNA/DNA extraction, qPCR, cloning techniques)
  • Record and format results
  • Communicate experimental data


Secondary activities

  • Manage inventory and orders
  • Establish the schedule for the use of specific equipment or rooms
  • Control the disposal of solid waste and effluents according to the health and safety rules of the field


Core competencies

  • General knowledge of cell culture and cellular and molecular biology
  • Knowledge of health and safety rules related to work in confinement
  • Knowledge of English: oral level I, read and written level II


Associated competences

  • Master the techniques of manipulation in cell culture.
  • Master the techniques of molecular biology and the use of associated equipment
  • Evaluate the efficiency of the protocols used and make them evolve
  • Use computer software to analyze and format experimental data experimental data
  • Write technical procedures, transmit techniques and know-how



  • Work in a team
  • Have very good organizational skills and flexibility
  • Rigor in technical practice and archiving


Desired experience

  • Experience in cell culture and molecular biology


Special conditions

  • Work in a containment laboratory
  • Occasional weekend work


Diploma desired

  • Bac +5


Contact :

Send your CV and cover letter to

Kalatzis Vasiliki

Tel : 04 99 63 60 76

Before 26/03/21