The INM belongs to the labEX “Epigenmed” and to EuroBiomed, the Pole of Excellence dedicated to rare diseases. We strengthen the development of new therapeutic molecules through a partnership with the National graduate school of chemistry of Montpellier and SANOFI. We are actively involved in the set-up of the Medical Health Cluster of Montpellier (Pole Rabelais Biologie-Santé). Partnership with the future “Université Sud de France” provides PhD students with a deep understanding in the field of Biology/Health. The number of masters and PhD degrees from the INM demonstrates the breadth of our students' research, spanning engineering/physical sciences, basic biological sciences and clinical sciences (32 master and 22 PhD students, and 10 post docs in average per year).

During the last four years, U1051 developed scientific cooperations with private companies (Sanofi, Cellectis). In addition, several researchers are consultants in private companies (Soffinova partner, BetaInnov, Sensorion, Biolux or Sanofi). This led to 9 patents (Inserm or CNRS) deposited in partnership with private companies since 2008. We are also involved in the EuroBioMed pole of competitivity (Eurocom for cochlea implant).