The Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM) is an Inserm/University of Montpellier structure, directed by Professor Jean-Luc Puel, and which thematic are development and pathophysiology of the central and peripheric nervous system, including sensorial organs.

It is composed of 9 teams, including 3 ATIP-Avenir teams:

Team Genetics and therapy of retinal blindness and optic neuropathies, heads by Pr Agnes Muller,

Team Deafness, tinnitus and therapies, heads by Pr Jean-Luc Puel,

Team Somatosensory system development and pathology, heads by Dr Patrick Carroll,

Team Plasticity, stem cells and glial tumors, heads by Pr Hughes Duffau,

Team Motoneuron disease: neuroinflammation and therapy, heads by Dr Cedric Raoul,

Team ATIP-Avenir The Ubiquitin Proteasome System in neurodegeneration and cytoskeleton architecture, heads by Dr Pascale Bomont,

Team Molecular mechanisms of myelination/demyelination and gene therapy approaches in peripheral nerves, heads by Dr Nicolas Tricaud,

Team ATIP-Avenir Neural cell diversity and balance in brain development and pathologies, heads by Dr Karine Loulier,

Team ATIP-Avenir Development and Physiopathology of the anterior segment of the eye, heads by Dr Frédéric Michon.


The work of these teams is carried by technical platforms dedicated to allow functional exploration, histology studies, tissue, cellular and subcellular imaging, genetics, proteomics, in situ hybridization and cell differentiation.