The common technical services insure all the activities to support the research for all the research teams on the site.


1. Laundry – preparation for biology

  • This service ensures the collection, the cleaning, the sterilization and the distribution of the laboratory dishes and the small laboratory equipment. The technician realizes preparations of solutions for the technical plateforms.

Contact : Fougère Rachel


2. Logistics and maintenance of the building

  • The technician organizes and ensures small room fitting works, offices and working rooms. He also brings a logistic help for the material of preparation in biology and the sterilisation as well as a support to the logistics of the store.

Contact : Bonnet Jérémy


3. Information technology service

  • This department ensures the management and the maintenance of the computer equipment (customers and computers network) of the Institute. He also ensures the maintenance and the managment of the telephone network, the control of access autorization as well as the assistance to users.

Contact : Duhamel Richard