The platform is open to regular or punctual users from the INM and the exterior (researchers, post-docs, doctoral students, students, technical staff) who wish to carry out in situ hybridization and real time PCR.

The manager of the gene expression platform is responsible for:

- organisation and management of the platform
- coordination of the different users
- advice and direction for future users
- training of new users for in situ hybridization (from preparation of probes to labeling tissues) and real time PCR
- development and adaptation of methodology to specific needs

1. In Situ hybridization

Users have all the necessary equipment (incubators, waterbaths, micropipettes, hybridisation oven, fume hood, microscopes to follow the colour development) and consumables at their disposition for carrying out in situ hybridization on whole tissues or section.

Expression gnique extraction ARNt


The in situ hybridisation laboratory is an RNase-free environment in which users have all the material necessar for extraction of RNA (Polytron, Ultratorax, centrifuges).




Available protocols:
    • simple in situ hybridization
    • 2-colour double in situ hybridization
    • hybridization in situ coupled with immunhistochemistry
    • microRNA in situ hybridization
    • fluorescent double in situ hybridization


Venteo-retine           venteo-cochlee           venteo-moelle-epiniere

          Retina                                             Cochlea                        Spinal cord and Dorsal Root Ganglions

venteo-nerf          Hybrid 3             Hybrid 6

          Nerve                              Double in situ hybridization       ISH coupled with immunhistochemistry

2. Real time PCR

Users have all the necessary equipment at their disposition for carrying out real time PCR:

                     Light Cycler 2.0 32 capillaries                       Light Cycler 480 plates 96 wells

           Expression gnique LC2.0        Expression gnique LC480

The DNA free laboratory is an DNA-free environment in which users can do all the mix for PCR without the DNA matrix.

3. Education

Poster Formation

National training provided as part of the Continuing Education of INSERM (2008 and 2012). The next session is programmed for October 2014.

The next session is programmed for October 2014.


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Ventéo Stéphanie