The level-2 confinement laboratory (L2) is open to INM personnel who wish to develop scientific projects that require the use of primary human cells or samples, cell lines with a biosafety level 2 label, or viral vector production and/or transduction.

Technical supervisor: Dr Daria MAMAEVA
Scientific adviser: Dr Vasiliki KALATZIS

Steering committee:  Supervisor, Scientific advisor, Members of the action committee and Project leaders

The L2 laboratory consists of six boxes dedicated to specific activities:

  1. General cell culture
  2. Viral vectors
  3. Biopsies
  4. Quarantine
  5. iPSc generation
  6. iPSc differentiation

The supervisor is responsible for:

  • Organisation and running of the laboratory
  • Helping group leaders to prepare for their project needs
  • Presenting to the steering committee
  • Putting into place the decisions of the action committee
  • Advising and orienting future users
  • Training new users.

The role of the action committee is to:

  • Put into place the decisions of the steering committee
  • Assure that users respect the rules of the L2 workspace
  • Assure that users respect the rules of hygiene and security
  • Propose and carry out improvements to the L2 laboratory



Mamaeva Daria